ExPharm for Windows

ExPharm for Windows 2.0

An easy-to-use software which helps remember drug actions
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The software is aimed at helping the UGs understand, remember and recall drug actions. The package contains four programs :

- Rabbit - Effects drugs on the rabbit eye

- Heart - Effects of drugs on the frog heart

- Ileum - Bioassay of histamine on the guinea-pig ileum

- Oesophagus - Effects of drugs on the frog oesophagus

- Dog - Effects of drugs on dog BP and heart rate.

The above programs can simulate drug actions. The user can conduct experiments and collect data. Each program can be run in two modes (a) Tutorial mode (b) Examination mode (Please Note : Examination mode is disabled in ver T2.00).

Drugs can be chosen (from a list drugs available) and administered. The effect is displayed in animated sequences for realistic simulation. All programs are menu driven and user friendly.

In tutorial mode, drugs administered are known whereas unknown drugs are given in examination mode. The student has to identify the unknown drug(s). Examination mode which is available only in ver E1.00 can be used for conducting examinations. Currently E versions are available for Dog and Heart only.

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